WiFire Remote

Installation Step 1

Step 1 - Connect WiFire Remote to the Internet

Becoming Familiar with the WiFire Remote

Note: Alpine Research recommends that the WiFire Remote is used exclusively on gas heating appliances.

Note: existing appliance must be in safe operating condition before attempting to operate from a remote source.

The ability to control your gas fireplace or heating appliance from literally anywhere requires that your smart device or computer have the ability to communicate with your fireplace through the WiFire Cloud via the internet.

The WiFire Remote will be wired to your gas fireplace or heating appliance and provide this means of communication once it establishes a connection with the Wi-Fi Router in your home (or fireplace location) to access the internet, and in turn, to the WiFire Cloud. This will provide you the means to control your fireplace from anywhere you have access to a browser.

Initially establishing this connection between the WiFire Remote and the WiFire Remote Cloud will require a smart device or computer that is accessing the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. This can be an Android, PC running Windows, a Macintosh, a smartphone or a tablet.

While the instructions for connecting the WiFire Remote to the internet using each of these devices differ slightly in detail, they each will follow the same general process.

Power-Up WiFire Remote To Acquire Listening Mode

Regardless of what type of computer you will be using to complete this Step 1 (an iPad or iPhone, Android, Windows PC or Mac) the WiFire Remote will need to be in 'Listening Mode'.

In "Listening Mode" your WiFire Remote broadcasts its network name so that the computer being used in this initial step can find it. The network name broadcasted begins with "Photon" and is followed by 4 other random characters.

Plug the micro USB into the WiFire Remote port and plug the power supply into a standard 110 volt home receptacle. The WiFire Remote has been programed to power-up in listening mode; the Status Indicator LED will flash blue, indicating the WiFire Remote is in Listening Mode.

If the Status Indicator LED is not flashing blue, then the WiFire Remote did not automatically power-up in Listening Mode. No worries, simply press and hold the 'Press and Hold Button' using the eraser of a No 2 pencil (or something similar) until the Status Indicator LED blinks blue.

Once Listening Mode has been acquired, the WiFire Remote is broadcasting its network name so that the computer being used to provide the WiFire Remote with internet access can find it.

Note: it is required that the device being used to complete this Step 1 be connected to the Wi-Fi Network, that is accessible in the fireplace location, via a wireless connection.

Next, chose the 'Connection Instructions' link for the type of device that you will be using to complete Step 1.

Connection Instructions Using An Android Device

Connection Instructions Using A Windows PC

Connection Instructions Using An Apple Macintosh

Connection Instructions Using An iPhone Or iPad