WiFire Remote

Installation Step 3

Step 3 - Install the WiFire Remote

Becoming Familiar with the WiFire Remote

Figure 1: The WiFire Remote

Prior to installing the WiFire Remote to your standing pilot gas valve verify that that first Step 1, 'Connect the WiFire Remote to the Internet' has been completed successfully.

With power connected to your WiFire Remote, the following lights are illuminated:
  • "Power" Function Indicator LED is illuminated red, indicating that WiFire Remote has power.
  • The "Internet" Function Indicator LED is illuminated blue, indicating that the WiFire Remote is connected to the WiFire Remote Cloud.
  • The Status Indicator LED in the WiFire Remote Status Window is a light blue/green color and is slowly pulsating, or breathing, indicating the WiFire Remote is connected to the user's router.
(If you are not seeing any of the above LED's illuminated as described, repeat Step 1 'Connect the WiFire Remote to the Internet')

And Step 2, 'Register Primary User's First WiFire Remote', has been completed successfully:

A password has been generated and you can login to your account at www.wifireremote.com.

(If you are not able to successfully login to your account, repeat Step 2, Register Primary User's First WiFire Remote'.)

Note: Alpine Research recommends that the WiFire Remote is used exclusively on gas heating appliances.

Note: existing appliance must be in safe operating condition before attempting to operate from a remote source.

Note: WiFire Remote is a temperature sensing switch that enables you to control your fireplace from anywhere with access to a browser. It should not be installed with any other control device(s) enabled (e.g. on/off rocker switch, thermostat, or remote control receiver). Remove the batteries from any pre-existing remote control devices and store such devices to avoid inadvertent activation.

  • Power Adapter
    The Power Adapter that arrived with your WiFire Remote device has a 36" reach to the wall outlet. If more length is required, a simple household extension cord may be used.
  • Room Air Temperature Sensor
    Room temperature is reported to the WiFire Remote by the Temperature Sensor. The WiFire Remote then uses this information to decide when to turn the appliance on and off in order to maintain the desired temperature of the room. The Sensor should be located in a spot that reliably indicates the temperature of the room without being influenced or "tricked" by direct sunlight, by the flames in the fireplace, or by a cold-drafty window.

    The WiFire Remote comes with a standard gauge 1 meter sensor lead (3.28'). Longer sensor leads are also available; a standard gauge, 3 meter long lead (9.84'), and a 10 meter long lead (32.8') that is a much thinner (26 Gauge) 2 conductor lead that is ideal for tucking into a carpet seam or routing in grout lines during new construction or when possible.
  • Wi-Fi Antenna
    The external Wi-Fi Antenna ensures optimum communication with your local area network. It is best located in the front of the fireplace cavity and comes with an adhesive back if you prefer to affix it to a flat surface.

Choose a location for your WiFire Remote

Prior to connecting your WiFire Remote device to the standing pilot valve, consider where the WiFire Remote will be located. The location chosen will need to:

  • Allow connection to a power outlet
  • Allow proper placement of the Temperature Sensor
  • Allow proper placement of the Wi-Fi Antenna
  • Provide convenient access for use of the off/on/Internet Mode Switch
  • Allow visibility of the Function Indicator LED's

The WiFire Remote is typically located just inside the access door of the fireplace where the other controls reside. This allows the WiFire Remote to be out of view, reside in the coolest part of the fireplace cavity and provide convenient access to the Mode Switch.

The WiFire Remote can be located away from the fireplace, having a maximum of 25' wire length.

Disconnect the Existing Control Device

The terminal block on the fireplace's gas valve has three terminals, labeled TH/TP, TP and TH. The lead wires connected to "TH/TP" and "TH" are currently routed to the fireplace's existing control device (this may be an on/off rocker switch, a thermostat, wall switch, or a remote control receiver). Disconnect these lead wires from the existing control device. (We will be rerouting these wires to your WiFire Remote as illustrated in Figure 2.)

Note: if your lead wires are routed into the wall leading to a wall mounted thermostat, simply disconnect the existing lead wires from the "TH/TP" and the "TH" terminals on the fireplace valve and re-connect the spare lead wire that was supplied with your WiFire Remote to the fireplace valve in the same terminal locations. Once the new lead wire has been securely connected to the fireplace valve, this will be the wire that you will now connect to your WiFire Remote as described below.

Caution: At no time should more than one control system be connected to your appliance.

Figure 2: Connection Overview

Connection of the WiFire Remote to your Fireplace or Stove is quite simple as illustrated in Figure 2.

Your WiFire Remote can be thought of as a simple on/off switch that replaces the existing control device being used with your appliance, thus transferring the job of on/off control from your existing rocker switch, thermostat, or remote control receiver to the WiFire Remote.

Connect the Gas Valve to WiFire Remote

Once the two wires have been removed from the existing control device, verify that the Power Adapter is disconnected from the WiFire Remote and the Mode Switch is in the off position.

Locate the two Dry Contact Terminals on the WiFire Remote as shown in Figure 3. Connect the wires by loosening the set screws, inserting the wires, and re-tightening the set screws. Lightly pull on the wires to verify that they are connected securely. It is not important which wire is attached to which connection point.

Figure 3: Connect the gas valve to the WiFire Remote

Note: the WiFire Remote is supplied with an 18" lead wire in case you find it more convenient to disconnect the existing control device from the valve and create your own connection leading from the WiFire Remote's 2 dry contact Terminals directly to the TH/TP and TH terminals on the fireplace valve.

Provide Power to the WiFire Remote

Connect the Power Adapter to the WiFire Remote and plug it into the wall. The "Power" Function Indicator LED will illuminate red, indicating that WiFire Remote detects power.

In the Status Window on the face of the WiFire Remote, you should see the Status Indicator LED blink green, then a rapid green as it attempts to connect to your router. Once connected you will notice the green rapid blink slows to a pulsating, or 'breathing' lighter blue/green, indicating the WiFire Remote's connection to your router.

The Internet 'Function Indicator LED' will illuminate blue, verifying that you are now connected to the WiFire Cloud computer and you have successfully set up your WiFire Remote.

Mode Switch

When the WiFire Remote's Mode Switch is in the 'Off' position, the burner on your fireplace will remain off.

When the Mode Switch is in the 'On' position, the burner on your fireplace should ignite and will remain on until a different mode is chosen. This allows the fireplace to be controlled manually in the fireplace location if desired.

With the Mode Switch in the 'Internet' position, the fireplace can be controlled over the internet with the WiFire Remote user interface by accessing www.wifireremote.com from any browser with your smartphone, tablet, Android or computer.

Accessing Your Fireplace Controls via the Internet

From any browser, log into www.wifireremote.com, enter your user name and password. You will be directed to the Devices page where you will see the fireplace(s), that you have assigned a name, and are now able to control while you are away.

The flame icon will indicate when there has been a call for heat
The house icon will display the current temperature of the room
The tool icon will display the current temperature setting you have chosen

For additional instructions on accessing your account and operating your WiFire Remote, please access the video tutorial located at www.wifireremote.com > How it Works > Video Tutorial.

For technical assistance contact Alpine Research: 800-494-3473 (800-4-WiFire).